YYC Social Media Breakfast Presentation

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January, 2018

Are you Aware?

“Awareness of Apps” was the topic presented by June Read, representing DataHive, at the SMBYYC#96 hosted at the Bridge co-working space located in downtown Calgary.

Although there exists a wealth of information, on the web, about how“Oversharing of information” and “phishing”, make us vulnerable, most are not “aware” how easily their personal information can be accessed.

The following links from both Digital Guardian and Visual Capitalist offer great advice. The owner of DataHive, Marjorie Zingle, a “Top Seven over 70” award winner, was in attendance.

Sincere thanks to Digital Guardian for enabling us to promote their fabulous infographics. Links to their website, and the infographics, are below:

  1. Phishing – Don’t get Hooked – Infographic
  2. Oversharing – Infographic

You can check out the rest of the program by going to the SMBYYC website.

Social Media Breakfast Calgary (SMBYYC#96)

The buzz word for January. AWARENESS