4 Reasons to Colocate

Enterprises have more choices than ever before when it comes to dealing with their IT requirements. Colocation is one of many options for organizations that choose to outsource their IT needs.

With colocation, you provide the equipment, and your colocation provider hosts it in a data centre that is engineered to provide guaranteed power, connectivity and rack space.

Here are some of the benefits of colocating in a data centre.

1. Scalability

Did your computing needs suddenly increase, or did they decrease drastically during your slow season? Just contact your colocation provider and scale your service up or down as needed.

2. Connectivity

Colocation providers host your servers in climate-controlled data centres, with high bandwidth speeds, and redundancy for network connections.

3. Security

Colocation providers house your servers in data centres with security measures that include biometric scanners, closed circuit cameras, security personnel and coded access. It’s all included in your service agreement.

4. Stability
If you have to move your office, or are hit with a power outage or a natural disaster, you don’t have to worry about your data or services going down. A colocation provider will have a backup generator and contingencies in place to guarantee that there is never an unplanned interruption in service.

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