7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Data Centre

1. Redundant power
Only N+1 power grid connectivity to a secondary electrical source, can help protect against catastrophe.

2. Independent power
Data centres must maintain their own independent power supply. Most invest in onsite diesel generators, which need to be periodically tested to ensure that they can fulfill electrical requirements in the event of a natural disaster or a disruption of the data centre’s other electrical sources.

3. Backup Internet
A quality data centre must it maintain secondary and tertiary Internet connectivity. Having multiple tier-1 Internet provider circuits feeding a data centre via fully meshed backbones is the only way to eliminate potential downtime.

4. Automatic hardware failover
It’s imperative that data centres employ redundant online switches, routers, UPS, and HVAC equipment that automatically failover when problems occur.

5. Access control
Physical security cannot be subtle. A data centre’s physical perimeter must be properly protected. In addition to physical access controls such as scanner cards and biometric devices, a data centre must ensure that individually leased racks remain secure with locks, cages, rooms, etc.

6. Written SLAs
All data centre contracts should come complete with a specifically worded service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees specific uptime, service response, bandwidth, and physical access protections. The SLA should also state what happens if a data centre fails to provide guaranteed uptime, maintenance or service as scheduled, or crisis response within stated timeframes.

7. Financial stability
All the promises in the world mean nothing if the data centre fails. Before moving into a facility, check on the company that owns the facility. If possible, confirm that it’s free of lawsuits and isn’t in financial straits. The last thing you want to do is move again because a data centre fails financially or must cut costs to stay afloat.

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