Top 5 Reasons U.S. Companies are Looking to DataHive in Canada for Data Storage

1. The Canadian dollar is currently valued at 74ยข American. That is bad news for Canadian travelers, but great news for American clients of DataHive.

2. In 2015, Global Finance Magazine ranked Canada as the 7th most peaceful country in the world, behind Finland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Austria, Denmark and Iceland.

3. Calgary, Canada, can boast that it is geographically safe: no natural disasters such as hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, or tsunamis can occur here.

Calgary has had one natural disaster in recent times — the 2013 flood. DataHive of Calgary was completely untouched by the flood waters, and all of our clients’ servers were up 100% of the duration. This makes DataHive ideal for a disaster recovery site.

4. DataHive has much to offer our clients. Our VMWare cluster is growing by leaps and bounds. We host Hurricane Electric and the Calgary Internet Exchange here, which offer cost savings and faster Internet.

5. American CEOs, CTOs and CFOs are interested in DataHive because, as a Canadian data centre, US intelligence agencies cannot access their servers.

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