Top 10 Benefits of a Having a Virtualized or Colocation Service

When your business expands to the point where you need increased reliability and greater control of your systems, it may be time to consider a colocated or virtualized service.

Top 10 Benefits of a Having a Virtualized or Colocation Service

1. You are not subject to slowdowns caused by other shared hosting users.
2. Your site is not affected by restrictions placed on shared hosting.
3. You are not subject to processes, scripts or other activities on shared hosting.
4. You have a greater degree of security because no one else has access to your server.
5. You eliminate reliability problems caused when you share with many other clients
6. You can lock down access to your server as you wish.
7. You do not have to share power, memory or disk space with others.
8. You can install special software or configurations to meet your special requirements.
9. You can customize your firewall to enforce your own access control policy.
10. You can have your own unique IP address rather than sharing one address with others.

These benefits all affect your performance. Pages load quickly, scripts run faster, there is no slowdown from shared activities and you eliminate the danger of a crash caused by another site. Time is money, and creating the fastest and most efficient process is what our consultants do for you at DataHive. Whether you are a CTO or an entrepreneur with a growing business, talk to us about your needs so we can personally customize the configuration and solution you need.

Protect your data, learn more, and have a confidential consultation with one of our DataHive professionals about your needs.